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Scubeelate Technologies Pvt. Ltd

BOOTH #: S-19A

At Scube our mission is to facilitate the world with the fastest and most innovative networking tool for all kinds of professionals.

Scube Cards are a great replacement for paper business cards. One Scube Cards is all that is needed to achieve effective networking.

With an embedded NFC chip you can send business information directly to the smartphones of prospective customers with a simple Tap. Scube Card assures that the contact information reaches the right people and stays with them forever.

We also have expertise in developing Custom ERPs for Enterprises that help them micro-manage their resources and businesses effectively. Along with that we help Startups and Mid-Level Businesses with Brand Building and Marketing Solutions. We conceptualize and design logos, make creative designs, and build impeccable UI-UX solutions for various kinds of businesses.


Siva Makireddy – Founder and CEO
+91 6364721251

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