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13.02.2020 | 09:30AM - 04:30PM


Panellists: Sanjeev Keskar, MD – India, Arrow Electronics

Electronic brands from India epitomise the ultimate goal innovation and intellectual property realized in a tangible and mass produced form. These brands are carefully designed and built to satisfy a concrete customer requirement. They represent the ultimate marriage of hardware, embedded software and apps ecosystem. They combine multi-disciplinary skills beyond the engineering of electronics and embedded software – such as industrial design, user experience design, packaging, branding and product marketing etc.The Panel Discussion will examine what is needed to cross the chasm from a nation possessing engineering skills, to a nation which makes world class products.

Panellists: Narang N. Kishor, Mentor & Principal Design Architect , Narnix Technolabs

Embedded Tech Track: Latest OS & S/W Dev Tools + SECURING Your Solution

With fast growing business in IoT and Industrial segments, the connected devices are being deployed rapidly. So it is increasing need for end-to-end security in this IoT connected world. In this session, we discuss on Security needs; Security threats and countermeasures; common security attack classifications and implementation measures and Security offers.

Speaker: Vinay Thapliyal, Technical Marketing Manager, MCD, INDIA, STMicroelectronics

Time to RE-THINK the endpoint – Security for IoT cannot be equated to IT security and each system as each has its own needs and challenges from security. Let’s look at what enterprises can do to protect themselves.

Speaker: Susanta Roy, Senior Security Researcher, Accenture

Learn about the technical and process challenges in securing medical IoT solutions Understand the standards that are evolving for meeting baseline security standards for medical IoT devices. In my talk, I will discuss the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Pre-Market Readiness guidelines for the cybersecurity of medical devices.

Speaker: Sumanth Naropanth, Chief Executive Officer, Deep Armor

What are various communication and debug protocols are used for IoT Hardware device communication. As a hacker how could we exploit various protocols and what are all the different processes involved along with their implication and safeguarding methods would be discussed

Speaker: Muralikrishna Janga, Technology Security Specialist, Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Explore effective methods to harden your automotive system and minimise security vulnerabilities.

Speaker: Naresh Neelakantan, Senior Architect – System Software, Sasken Technologies Limited

Tips and best practices followed to implement cyber security on cloud networks powering IoT in critical areas, with case studies and related trends.

Speaker: Ramkesh Meena, Executive Engineer (Electronics), ONGC

Security development in industrial IOT devices is yet to be formally defined. Traditional threat modeling approaches has significant limitations to identify attack surfaces specific to IOT. This talk presents the technical background on different threat models for IOT systems along with their limitations and recommendations. Empirical study of IOT specific threats and weaknesses including scalability of surveyed models for large-scale enterprise adoption

Speaker: Soumya Maity & Lokesh Balu, Principal Engineer & Senior Principal Engineer, Dell Technologies

Get engineering leaders to start thinking about IoT product security, understanding risks and ensuring that there’s a security vision for their products and solutions Actionable steps to ensure that cybersecurity is an integral part of product development, and the C-level execs & engineering leaders are well equipped to handle security incidents

Speaker: Sumanth Naropanth, Founder & CEO, Deep Armor

IoT & Electronics Tech Track: Latest Electronics Hardware Design for IoT Devices

To chart out hardware development strategy, make decisions for build-vs-buy, component selection, optimal prototyping, design for prototyping, design for manufacture etc. To increase their chances of success in developing IoT hardware and thereby profit from IoT

Speaker: Ajith Narayanan, Co-Founder, Zoid Labs

They say Silence can talk a lot…… If you can hear it. Same applies to Machines too. Machines can talk and talk louder if we understand them. Machines do talk through PLCs / Controllers and Older machines talk older languages and modern machines talk modern languages eg. OPC UA. We call them Protocols. Various protocols have been used to transfer data from controllers. These vary from Modbus RTU, ASCII, MPI, PPI to OPC UA. To understand them we need to bring them all on one platform. And hence the use of Protocol Converters. In the IIoT field we need Protocol Converter for All in One. Further we need to have the converter do the EDGE Analytics and also send the data to Cloud in universal language.

Speaker: Mr.Gokul P Deshpande, CEO, C/MOS Processors

Speaker: Mubeen Jukaku, Technology head, Emertxe Information Technologies Pvt Ltd

Upskilling provides added value to any training program and empowers the candidate to undertake tasks which require specialized skills aligned to new technologies

Speaker: N K Mohapatra, CEO, Electronics Sector Skills Council of India

Speaker: B Vasu Dev, Managing Director, PHYTEC EMBEDDED

The session covers brief introduction about R&S product portpolio for hardware Electronic debugging

Speaker: Srinivasa Rao Appalla, Senior Manager – Applications, RSINDIA

The audience will have technical know-how of techniques and comparitive analysis in Designing a IIoT prototype and handling data in cloud, as well as get technical know-how of available solutions and tips to achieve it

Speaker: Rajarajan Elango, Head – Research, Bluetronics

Electronics Tech Track: Designing ENERGY EFFICIENT IoT Products: Challenges & Solutions

Power intelligence asset monitoring is explained using what we learned from on product development for the smart grid, deploying the solution for major power utility in South India.

Speaker: S Arun Kumar, Director Research, Electrono Solutions

This session would be discussing on importance of power supply, technology, Market segment and case studies.

Speaker: S Vishwajith J Achar, Sr. Field applications Engineer, Vicor Corporation India Laison office.

Using Multi Sensor Data Fusion to build Efficient IoT Systems

Speaker: Vishnukumar V, Firmware Design Engineer, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

Using Multi Sensor Data Fusion to build Efficient IoT Systems

Speaker: Nikhil Bhaskaran, Founder, Shunya Os

Power intelligence asset monitoring is explained using what we learned from on product development for the smart grid, deploying the solution for major power utility in South India.

Speaker: S Arun Kumar, Director Research, Electrono Solutions

Introduce the audience to LoRaWAN and Aloha implementations for Data Capturing. The session will also dive into the underlying technologies to implement a fast to deploy LoRaWAN Gateway and Nodes. The session will also have experience sharing on what we have learned from the LoRaWAN Network deployment in Engineering Colleges < >

Speaker: Akshai M, Senior Research Fellow, ICFOSS

Speaker: Mr. Paresh Patel, President and Founder, System Level Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

IoT Tech Track: Building Solutions & Technologies for IoT Edge

  • * What is an edge in IoT
  • * How an IoT system behave without edge computing enabled
  • * What is the need for Edge Computing in IoT?
  • * How Edge is helping in IoT architecture
  • * Communication protocol used in Edge to leaf device
  • * How industries are using edge in their solution
  • * what popular edge platforms are available currently
  • * Brief Explanation about Azure IoT edge [ Microsofts IoT edge computing platfrom]
  • * AI/ML at the Edge
  • * Data stream processing at the edge
  • * disadvantage at the edge In IoT
  • * One complete industry use case with IoT Edge. ” audience will get a overall view of edge computing and how they can leverage the edge in their solution or what are the financial benefit they will have.

Speaker: Arnab Ghosh, Developer & Researcher, Accenture Solutions pvt ltd

The talk will help to understand the impact of Edge Computing on the Quality Engineering stream. Attendees will also learn about the right strategy to test an edge computing solution

Speaker: George Ukkuru, Head of Quality Engineering, UST Global

In this session, we will learn about Edge Processing, its benefit and applicable use cases. We will also explore Azure IoT Edge service and see a practical demo (Edge Devices communicating with each other on the edge and also sending filtered information to Azure IoT Hub). Anyone who is interested to learn IoT or Azure IoT offerings, should not miss this interesting session.

Speaker: Shailendra Birthare & Ganesh Gawande, Group Manager (IoT) & IoT Architect, Infogain

Connecting millions of devices, capturing , processing and storing data at scale requires a robust architecture .The audience will learn key considerations for designing such system , challenges and solutions. They would learn about monitoring, security capabilities and deploying such solutions

Speaker: Soumitra Bhattacharyya, Director Engineering, Akamai Technologies

Leveraging the power of decentralized learning, Federated Learning in practice, Addressing privacy issues in FL, Use cases and open Problems Challenges in scalable, decentralized learning and how to address them

Speaker: Arindam Banerjee, Data Scientist, Ericsson

Today most of the online real time learned models are using data to find most of the results. It poses a challenge in the edge solutions and the solutions of IoT where real time responses are necessary.

Speaker: Soumya Bhattacharya, SVP, Calsoft Inc

How to build IoT Edge applications with open-source technologies which work with ANY Hardware vendor, ANY Cloud service provider, ANY Operating System Participate in LF Edge, an umbrella for open-source Edge Projects under Linux Foundation for faster adoption and deployment

Speaker: Chetan Kumar S, Co-Founder and C.E.O, AiKaan Labs Pvt Ltd.

How to build IoT Edge applications with open-source technologies which work with ANY Hardware vendor, ANY Cloud service provider, ANY Operating System Participate in LF Edge, an umbrella for open-source Edge Projects under Linux Foundation for faster adoption and deployment

Speaker: Prosenjit Pal, Managing Director, ZEDEDA India Private Limited

14.02.2020 | 09:30AM - 04:30PM


It’s more than a decade that IoT paradigm has crossed through different phases of the famous Gartner Hype Curve, and has truly come of age. and it would be apt to see what the IoT 2.0 is or could be all about Today. “IoT”, a concept that originally sounded like something out of sci-fi movie — the “Internet of Things” — is, in fact, a reality, and one that is bound to become even more widespread. From being considered as one of the most Disruptive Technologies in the early years of last decade to coming on the verge of becoming one of the most Profound Technologies by weaving itself into the fabric of everyday life until it becomes indistinguishable from it.The budding designers, innovators & startup could leverage these insights into different field of Technology & Business along with building the Innovation temperament and Design Competence that could catapult them and their respective organizations to global leadership positions in the chosen domains.


International Standards (like ISO 27001 and ISO 27701) provide a solid foundation for every Organization seeking to implement a world-class information security management system. Information security is not “just” a compliance issue, Privacy is not “just” a compliance issue both have to be considered throughout the lifecycle of every IoT product and ISO standards help establishing a solid support system

Speaker: Willy Fabritius, Global Head InfoSec & Business Continuity, BSI Group

CXO Summit: PROFIT from IOT for Creators & Solution Providers

Panellists: Amitav Sarkar, GM Telematics, JCB
Atul Govil, Chief Transformation Officer & Head (SAP & IT) – Corporate at India Glycols
Samip Mutha, Vice President and Group Head – Digital and Innovation at RPG Group
Manoj Naraindas Keswani, Head Facilities, FRL India
Ruchi Tushir, Director – Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & IoT Business Group, Microsoft (Moderator)

“The Internet of Things is now maturing, and devices, connectivity, the entire ecosystem is getting more and more affordable. Now the next challenge most of the organizations are facing is – how to deal with this data and how to utilize it and make profit? The panel discussion will bring out different views from the industry panel. Panelists will discuss their perspectives, experiences, and ideas on how to leverage AI for IoT projects. In addition to the core discussion of using AI for IoT, panel will also touch upon Ethical and Responsible AI aspects that are equally important and becoming hot-button topics nowadays. This panel discussion will help you understand various strategies that you can apply in your business to leverage AI for your IoT projects. You will also learn from experts about the capabilities and limitations of current form AI solutions and how to navigate through those to select the best option for you. While I would moderate the panel – I will propose three additional members to join me in this discussion.”

Panellists: Anand Tamboli, Founder & Director KNEWRON Technologies
Nagarjun Kandukuru, VP, ThoughtWorks
Anvita Bajpai, Founder, SunvAI
Vinay Solanki, Head of IoT. Lenovo
Dilip Saha, head of engineering, RBEI
Mohit Mehrotra, MD, Omnicom India

Panellists: Sunil David, Regional Director – IOT ( India & ASEAN ) for AT&T Global Network Services India Pvt Ltd.
Monika Gupta, Global 5G Engineering lead, Capgemini
Amrita Chowdhury, Director, Gaia Smart Cities.
Ashish Khare, General Manager and Global Head IoT and Smart Cities, Wipro Limited.
Saumitra Singh, CPO TagBox Solutions
Lokesh Payik, Chief of Digital Enterprise, Bosch.

Panellists: Saurabh Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, Beyond Evolution
Shyam Menon , Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund
Dr. Aloknath De, SVP, Samsung
Sita Pallacholla, Venture Partner, Innopark
Satish Mugulavalli, Venture Partner, YourNest Venture Capital
Kumara Swamy

IoT holds the potential to change the way marketing is done. Fuelled by the rising popularity of smart devices and expanding network coverage, the global and Indian IoT market is at a continuous uptick. It is estimated the B2B sector will capture 70 percent of the total value generated by IoT in the next few years. This panel discussion brings together marketers and business leads across industries applying IoT, to talk about how are they implementing IoT strategies in their B2B & B2C campaigns, and maximising ROI and revenue
Prachi Mukhija – Head of Marketing, Alexa
Neha Sobti, Performance Marketing Lead India – Developer Marketing, IBM India
Mohan Raju, Chief Business Development Officer, Danlaw
Sadaf Arif Siddiqui, Marketing Initiative Manager, Keysight Technologies
Vinay Solanki: Head IoT @ Lenovo (APAC)

Ruchi Tushir, Director – Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & IoT Business Group, Microsoft
Amitav Sarkar, GM Telematics, JCB
Atul Govil, Chief Transformation Officer & Head (SAP & IT) – Corporate at India Glycols
Samip Mutha, Vice President and Group Head – Digital and Innovation at RPG Group
Manoj Naraindas Keswani, Head Facilities, FRL India

Better understanding of IoT in aviation applications for the creators of IoT, so that they get an understanding of potential requirements in this segment.

Panellists: SLV Santhosh David, Asst. Director in DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation

IoT Tech Track: Latest COMMUNICATION technologies & solutions for IoT

The topic covers

  • 1. Brief information about available wireless communication IoT technologies.
  • 2. Lekha’s wireless IoT communication technology solutions.
  • 3. How the Lekha’s solutions will help to adapt these technologies for the industry IoT requirement.

Speaker: Vishal Kalkundrikar, Project Manager, Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt ltd

Choosing the most appropriate connectivity technology is one of the most critical decisions that Organisations need to make in their IoT strategy as connectivity is an important constituent of an end-to-end IoT solution.

Speaker: Sunil David

The audience will gain an understanding of the options and limitations of various indoor location tracking systems. The audience will gain an understanding of the use cases where different approaches to indoor location tracking are best suited.

Speaker: Sumit Dev, CPO / Head of Software, Atoll Solutions

Secure data transfer using blockchain technology Use of Blockchain for micropayments

Speaker: Satish Rao, Founder, IoT Users Club

It helps them to choose the proper module for the communication between the machines and transfer of data and how to actuate the control system based of the action or request from one side and then respond to this request by actuating some thing How to overcome the loss of signal from the obstructions and testing the range of the communication modules, how to properly define the network design etc.

Speaker: Sanjeev Kumar, Embedded engineer, Ortusolis Technology Services

The primary take away will be that the audience will get an understanding of latest communication advancements like LoRa, NB-IoT, 5G, etc The secondary take-away will be that the audience will learn the above mentioned technology advancements as use case in AgriTech and how IoT and AgriTech is revolutionizing the century old farming practices and how it will benefit the farmers to grow more and grow better.

Speaker: Abhay S Bharadwaj, Senior Embedded Engineer,

Select, test and scale rf network Bring some best practices of testing a network into their organisations

Speaker: Ashish Anand, CEO, Afterglow Tech

Key issues faced by Lighting OEMs in offering Bluetooth LE Mesh enabled solution and how to overcome them Understanding of the technology value chain enabling Bluetooth Mesh in Smart Lighting

Speaker: Rajanikant Mohan, Director, Short Range Wireless Business, Mindtree Ltd.

How an manufacturing ecosystem can be created that is open, secured, vendor agnostic and scalable to transform to the needs of IoT With new ethernet standards in practice, how can you improve the performance of your manufacturing upto 18 times

Speaker: Ranjithkumar G, Specialist – Technology and Network, B&R Industrial Automation

Electronics Tech Track: The Amazing World of SENSORS

We’ll look at the latest sensors available in the market, that has the potential to power innovative IoT solutions.

Speaker: Deepesh Goel, Regional Mentor of Change, Atal Innovation Mission (Ex-Country manager, Danaher Sensors/Fortive Sensing(Acquisition))

Guru Mantras to ensure your designs stand the Test of Time even in most adverse field conditions…

Speaker: Narang N. Kishor, Mentor & Principal Design Architect , Narnix Technolabs

Innovative way to reduce cost and improve coverage for sensor networks.

Speaker: Niraj Kumar Mahapatro, CTO of Anvation Labs Private Limited

Speak on sensors for IoT — the latest types of sensors in the market, the new applications they empower, and the design challenges as well as best practices involved in using them in a product.

Speaker: Vijay Mishra

The talk centers around various ways of developing data pipelines and deploying machine learning models for vehicle sensor data on the cloud and the edge.

Speaker: Ashwin, Danlaw Technologies

Infineon products for an end to end Smart Lighting application including sensing and control that includes Radar & Smart LED Drivers. Understand the benefits of choosing Infineon products for this application over other technologies.

Speaker: Arkajyoti Chatterjee, Smart System Architect, Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Shubha Sudheer – Senior Specialist, IoT & Emerging Applications
Swarnam Panday – Expert Software Developer

Our take on making ‘sense’ out of IoT with a world of sensors. LoraWAN, breaking the boundaries and taking IoT sensing to a whole new level.

Speaker: Zafir Shafiee Chowdhury, Co-Founder & Director, Bondstein Technologies Limited

R&D Track: Enabling and Accelerating IP Development & Deployment

The industry’s rapid growth is creating exciting new challenges in protecting, enforcing, and licensing IoT patent rights. This session explains how you can go about this.

Speaker: Bhanwar Lal Bishnoi, Head – Embedded Design & Development Center, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Speaker: Biju K Nair, Licensing Lead, Open Invention Network

Speaker: Anvita Bajpai, Founder, SunvAI

  1. Learn the 15 most essential assets that they need to build to increase the valuation of their IoT startup.
  2. Learn the importance of sequence in creating these assets.
  3. Learn how to accelerate the asset-creation process.

Speaker: Anand Tamboli, Founder, Director, KNEWRON Technologies

The Industry Canvas is quite diverse in India with older Legacy Systems, modern Aautomation, Small to Large Industries. This session highlights the right approach to be taken, alongwith successful case studies. Speaker: Bhaskar Rao & Shaun Mitra, Chief Executive & Chief Business Officer, Technosphere

One size fits all approach is not feasible for implementing IIOT in Indian Context. This is because of the diverse nature of the Industries

  • Legacy v/s Modern plants
  • Small, Medium and Large Industries

Varying Safety levels
It is possible to simplify and moderate the various conflicting scenarios and arrive at a few key parameters before embarking on implementation
Major buckets where IIOT is helping Indian Industry today are :

  • Energy monitoring / optimization
  • Asset tracking / monitoring / Productivity enhancements
  • Safety
  • Quality

Our keynote will take the audience through these challenges and highlight the right approach to succeed, with case studies

Biju K Nair, Lawyer and Licensing Lead, Open Invention Network
Soumya Maity, Principal Engineer, Dell Technologies
Lokesh Balu, Senior Principal Engineer, Dell Technologies
Bhanwar Lal Bishnoi, Head – Embedded Design & Development Center, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
Kavitha Gupta, Senior Corporate Counsel, Go-to-Market Legal, India and South Asia, Juniper Networks

Academia and R&D Track: Producing Industry Ready Engineers + How Important Are the LABS?

15.02.2020 | 09:30AM - 04:30PM


Technology’s impact on society and business is substantial, if not underestimated. Though product cycle times are accelerating, the underlying technologies unfold over many years. Within each trend there are multiple enabling technologies, all at various stages of maturity and adoption. The distinguished Panelists shall provide some unique actionable insights to leverage these innovations into different field of Technology & Business along with building the Innovation temperament and Design Competence in the Design Engineers that could catapult them and their respective organizations to global leadership positions in the chosen domains.

Panellists: Narang N. Kishor, Mentor & Principal Design Architect , Narnix Technolabs

Bluetooth can be used for many types of location service and it’s an area forecast to experience the biggest growth in the next few years, with 431 million location related devices shipping in 2023. In 2019, Bluetooth acquired a new capability which allows the direction of a signal to be accurately determined using one of two methods known as Angle of Arrival (AoA) or Angle of Departure (AoD). Come to this session and hear about this Bluetooth location services and the new direction finding feature, how it works and the uses it’s likely to be put to.

Speaker: Martin Woolley, Senior Developer Relations Manager of EMEA, Bluetooth SIG

IoT Tech Track: Latest IT Solutions & Technologies for IoT (Cloud, Edge, AI/ML, DevOps, etc)

IoT83’s flagship platform M83 can help with Digital Transformation & is operationally ready with commercial deployment in Fortune 500 companies handling millions of transactions/ minute with 43M+ connected devices.

Speaker: Nishant Puri ; Director – Sales (Secure IIoT Solutions); IoT83

A talk on making IoT products flexible for accommodating third party green field application and making the product “as a service “ for other creators.

Speaker: Vipul Nath Jindal, R&D Engineer, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan

This talk will demystify the process of preparing data for use in ML models – the various types of data, data preparation steps, tools, on-the-ground challenges, etc – allowing the audience to make more informed decisions in their ML adoption efforts.

Speaker: Nihal Kashinath, Founder and CEO, Applied Singularity

Help them understand the storage (mostly database) for IoT related applications and how to choose that.

Speaker: Anand Chandak, Principal Product Manager, Oracle India Pvt Ltd

IoT reference architecture, How IoTA differs from the blockchain frameworks like hyperledger fabric, Tangles in IOTA, connecting IOT devices (Raspberry PI) with IOTA network, The major IOTA benefits for using IoT based solutions, digital security and resistance to cyberattacks for IoT ecosystem. Developing IoT solutions using IOTA, understanding risks in IOT ecosystem.

Speaker: Bhupendra Pratap Singh, Project Engineer, Centre for Development and Advanced Computing, Pune

Chennai ran out of water last summer and it is expected that many more cities in India and world are heading in that direction. It is said that climate change is an import reason behind such trends. Climate Change is interlinked with the way energy is produced and consumed. Can technology play a role in mitigating such important problems that human kind is going to face in the near future?

Speaker: Ganesh Shankar, Founder and CEO, FluxGen Technologies

Careers Track: What’s Hot & What’s Not in IoT, Electronics & Embedded Careers?

Speaker: Deepesh Goel, Regional Mentor of Change, Atal Innovation Mission

Over 15 lakh engineers graduating every year,skilling them in IoT possesses a huge challenge.Here is a practical approach to address the challenge.

Speaker: Jayakumar Balasubramanian, Director, Emertxe Information Technologies

Speaker: Kavita Arora, Founder, Bangalore Makespace and Open Source Creativity
Kavitha Suresh, Sr. Architect – IBM Cloud
Madhuri D Madhavan Pillai, Senior Development Manager, IBM
Nidhi Sehgal Kaul, Integrated Marketing & Communications, Manager, STMicroelectronics
Pooja Subramanian, Dy General Manager, Thoughtworks

Speaker: Vinaya Chinnappa, Program Manager , Livelihood Enable India
Shek Habeebul Haq, Technical Consulting Engineer , Cisco
Pradeep Joseph , Director , UX, Honeywell.
Beena Krishnamurthy, Trustee, NITHYA SAADHANA

Embedded Tech Track: Latest H/W and Dev Boards

Developing low cost quick IOT solutions using LPRF and SOM for the development.

Speaker: Ratheesh Vikram Laila, Director, Uniqtronics Solutions Private Limited

Targeting techies and business leaders to evolve as a best business practice as well as building relationships with them and motivating new initiatives so that it increases the efficiency and cut down the turn around time for any development cycle.IoT gateway node that has 3 different hardware architectures (MCU, SDSoC, traditional CPU) integrated in the shape of a single platform.A low cost FPGA can be used to augment and supplement many of the processor’s requirements.The primary design challenges include power efficiency, interoperability across different interfaces, and compatibility with new processors. Solving the most common design problems can be addressed with a programmable logic device, which offers a low cost, small size, and very low power solution ideal for IoT applications. Low-cost industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution to bring sensor data to the cloud applications. The boards support industry proven wireless protocols. Steering of the opportunities in the market,stability,sustainability ,minimizing risk of the side channel attacks for the devices and thus boost the societal transformation.Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) chip-sets are generally considered secure, but vulnerability opens a new gateway for the ensuing side-channel attacks. Side-channel analysis is known to be a serious threat to embedded devices.Vulnerability in Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) which might serve as a gateway for hackers to attack cloud services and IoT devices. FPGAs, in which 3rd parties have partial access to the FPGA fabric, are a rising usage trend in cloud and reconfigurable System on Chips (SoCs) which gives rise to new types of attacks in FPGAs.

Speaker: Sampath V.P, TECHNICAL LEAD, Test and Verification Solutions Pvt Limited

Solution for quick POC (Proof of Concept) of IoT Ideas and product development

Speaker: Naveen Kumar, Founder & CEO, Emtech Foundation

R&D Track: Enabling and Accelerating IP Development & Deployment

  1. Start creating hardware products
  2. Prototype hardware efficiently
  3. Manufacture hardware successfully Avoid pitfalls through examples from a hardware startup co-founder/CTO

Speaker: Abhishek Satish, CTO, Vicara

Model-Based Development (MBD) is a mathematical and visual method of addressing problems associated with designing complex control, signal processing and communication systems. It is used in many motion control applications, industrial equipment, aerospace, and automotive applications. Model-based design is a methodology applied in designing embedded software. Model-Based Design is transforming the way engineers and scientists work by moving design tasks from the lab and field to the desktop. The talk majorly focuses on developing software algorithms using Simulink for the target hardware like Raspberry pi.

Speaker: Venkatesh Mane( Assistant Professor ),
Nalini C Iyer( Head of School of Electronics and Communication ),
Prof: VISHAL B.PATTANSHETTY( Assistant Professor ), KLE Technological University

The IOT devices need high customization, costly tooling will make implementation unviable. The talk is about the agile production options using Additive Manufacturing.

Speaker: Dr Guruprasad Rao, Director & mentor, Imaginarium India Pvt Ltd

How to get started in IOT system from scratch and build upon it Tools and development platform and guidance for upcoming engineers (So they avoid the mistakes I did)

Speaker: Pratik Sanjay Mokashi, Embedded Engineer, RazrLab

Strategies and methods for Proving value through Rapid Prototyping of Internet of Things Use cases.
Bharath Sridhar, Senior Technical Consultant, Deloitte