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Methodica Technologies

BOOTH #: C-9

Smart and Reliable Embedded Solutions and Services for Next-Gen ADAS/HIL/MBD Technology.

Methodica Technologies is an ISO-certified, emerging technology consulting firm. We deliver reliable embedded software solutions and services for a wide variety of projects, catering to unique customer needs. In this everchanging and disruptive e-mobility landscape, we have strived to position ourselves as preferred partners for OEMs, Tier-1s, and startups with our industry experience and niche expertise. Methodica is devoted to building smart and reliable embedded solutions through our continuous innovations.

iTap: A breakthrough technology designed by Methodica, iTap is an independent test automation platform that can help strengthen ADAS/HIL/MBD development-testing competency and reduce time-to-market. iTap can be used to write test scripts for HIL development and testing application and diagnostic software on the Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

PeekaBoo: The latest addition to our data-driven development in ADAS, PeekaBoo is a high-performance data logger that can efficiently collect, process, and present unimpaired data in ADAS testing at ultra-high speed.


Gufran Khan (BDM)


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