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Kandola Network

BOOTH #: C-16

At Kandola, we are building a decentralised data exchange platform that has direct implications in backbone communications and compute for domains like IoT, Enterprise Communications, SocialFi. Healthcare and others.

We recently published our new Consensus Paper, Proof Of RealTime Transfer (PoRT) , to academia worldwide. We have received great reviews so far, especially from CMU, Cornell, IISc amongst others.

Kandola envisions to provide its users the following benefits,

High Performance – Message verification functions support extremely lightweight atomic operations and very high network throughput

Broad Applicability – The real-time message queue and data store will enable any industry that requires fast message functionalities viz, IoT, EV, Smart wearables, GPS, Healthcare, Social Messaging to build on Kandola

Sustainable – making the High Gas fee norm a thing of the past with a near zero gas fee policy.

Ease of Use – Easily deployable SDK tool kits, No-code emulators & composers ready for easy integration


Siddharth Banerjee – CEO;


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