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EmbedSense Solutions Private Limited

BOOTH #:  S-4

EmbedSense Solutions manufactures innovative Industrial grade Wireless IIOT sensors and offers engineering solutions that help manufacturing plants transform themselves into smart factories of the future.

By incorporating AI and ML techniques, data from sensors is analyzed at the edge to generate powerful insights that are used to monitor the health of various kinds of machinery. Being pre-emptive and generating actionable predictive maintenance alerts, our solutions help improve bottom lines by reducing downtime, lowering maintenance costs and by keeping production lines up and running. Our solutions are flexible and can be hosted on cloud or on-premises as per client’s needs.

The sensors from EmbedSense are also available as stand-alone offerings and come with API’s and support a wide range of protocols. This makes them easy to integrate into existing customer platforms as well. These sensors use wireless transmission to enable rapid deployment at lower cost and are ideal for operating assets in hazardous environments or high voltage domains.


Venkatesh Prasanna – CEO & Founder

No. 28/1, SBM Colony,
2nd Main, Anandnagar,
Bengaluru 560024

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