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Bevywise Networks Inc

BOOTH #: S-7

Bevywise Networks was started with the objective of creating the next generation, highly extendable IoT Frameworks and tools that enable communication between the different components in the connected world. We are an end-to-end product & solution provider for all IoT / IIoT requirements. We develop device agents and MQTT brokers that collect devices’ status & communicate between devices, client software & hardware to add intelligence for analyzing & interpreting data, and simulators to test & demo devices. This is to simplify how businesses & customers collect data from multiple data sources in varied formats. We allow customers to customize applications over our framework to visualize the data with a holistic approach. In addition to the Frameworks, we are passionate about building complete smart manufacturing solutions aimed to enhance manufacturing OEE of the shop floor towards the world-class level with Digital Transformation. We also provide advanced solutions for the manufacturing industry for production monitoring and machine monitoring for predicting failures. We have customers across the globe using our products & solutions for multiple verticals, including Manufacturing, Pharma, Industrial Automation, and Farming for their IoT / IIoT implementation. A few of our top customers include Johnson & Johnson, Baker Hughes, Celikler Holding, Indo MIM, Forbes Marshall & more.


Ranjith Kumar DSM | Founder & CEO
Asia : +91 80723 98868
US : +1 707 879 8999

#43/S6, Shah complex,
Tamil Nadu.

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