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Post Show Report 2024

Thank You!

Partners, Speakers & Visitors for making smartBharat, India Electronics Week & 2024 a grand success!

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How’re IEW, SmartBharat & IOTshow Different?

Lot of events are held in the electronics and IOT space in India. At EFY, we are fans of the ‘Blue Ocean’ thinking, and thus like to shape our properties to be different from existing players, and complement rather than compete. It’s also easier for us—given that our publications and websites target a rather unique audience segment—the techies (aka tech decision makers).

Thus, SmartBharat, IEW and IOTshow are designed as event for the Creators and Implementers of technologies—and these typically tend to be techies. Thus, our conferences, workshops and exhibits tend to be geeky in nature. We do discuss non-technical topics too—like best practices in B2B marketing or role of women in tech, but these are the exceptions that prove the rule.

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Keynote Sessions

Panel Discussion: Impact, Opportunities and Challenges of AI in Electronics and Embedded Systems
• Narang N Kishor, Mentor & Principal Design Architect, Narnix Technolabs (Moderator)
• Alex James, Chief Scientist and CTO, Graphene Aurora
• Vivek Tyagi – MD – Sales, Analog devices, India
• Mr. Amarjeet Kumar, Founder & CEO, Comminent
• Mukesh Jain, CTO, VP and Global Head of People Analytics, Capgemini

Panel Discussion: Business Growth Opportunities for Startups
• Sanjeev Keskar, CEO, Arvind Consultancy
• Chitra Hariharan, VC Technology Advisor & Secretary VLSI Society of India
• Vivek Saxena, Former Sr. Advisor (ESDM, Startups & Innovation) – Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM)
• Bhaskar Rao, Founder-CEO, Technosphere

Panel Discussion: What shall make Indian Engineers to be able to write their own Pay Cheques?
• Narang N Kishor, Mentor & Principal Design Architect, Narnix Technolabs (Moderator)
• Shinto Joseph, Director – South East Asia Operations, LDRA India
• Dr. Prasant Misra – Senior Scientist, Tata Consultancy Services
• Aseem Jakhar, Founder, EXPLIoT
• Dhruv Dhody, Principal Engineer, Huawei India

List of Conferences

#01: India: The Global Hub of Electronics Engineering R&D
#02: Digital Transformation of Industry & Utilities
#03: Developing Embedded Systems for the Future
#04: Electronics & AIOT: Startups & Business Growth Opportunities
#05: Mobility & Vehicle Embedded Systems (MOVES)
#06: Designing Electronics Hardware for the Future
#07: Electronics & AIOT: Career Growth & Upskilling to Meet Global Needs
#08: Innovations in Electronics Manufacturing
#09: Securing Embedded Systems for the Future

List of Workshops

• Corporate Venture Capital: Need of the hour and how leadership can create a catalyst for innovation at their organisation?
• Transitioning Embedded Linux BSP to YOCTO
• Designing Miniature and wearable IOT & AI Devices
• Revolutionizing Chip Design: The RISC-V and VLSI Innovation Journey
• Practical exploitation of Zigbee-class Networks with USB-based RF Transceivers & Open Source Software
• Designing Completely Wireless Technology
• How to Liberate Hardware with FLOSS in 2024
• Improving the Reliability of Electronic Systems

• Harnessing the Power of Edge Computing: Training and Deploying Tiny Neural Network with Open Source Tools
• Rapid Development of Embedded Systems for Developers with Open Source Tools
• Mastering LoRa Communication: Building Transmission, Reception, and Repeaters with BharatPi Board
• Fun With AI: Design and Deploy AI Ml model on Edge
• Building Technology Ventures: From Idea to First-cut Strategy
• Python Unleashed: Empowering IoT Innovation with Raspberry Pi
• Process of Building a Drone – From Ideation to Flying

List of Speakers

• Abhas Abhinav, hacker-in-charge, Mostly Harmless & DeepRoot GNU/Linux
• Aditya Chouhan, Engineering Manager, Encora Inc.
• Alex James, Chief Scientist and CTO, Graphene Aurora
• Amarjeet Kumar, Founder, CEO, Comminent Pvt. Ltd.
• Ananya, Security Analyst at Deep Armor
• Anisha Udayakumar, AI Software Evangelist, Intel
• Ankit Harjai, General Manager Venture Investments and CD M&A lead, Cummins India Limited
• Ankit Sharma, Leader Security Engineer, Cloud & Compute, Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd
• Anuj Sharma, Lead Scientist (Electronics & Embedded Product Development), Anusandhan Technologies
• Arvind Prasad, Founder Director at Vortexa Technology Advisors
• Aseem Jakhar, Founder, EXPLIoT
• Ashwini Kumar Sinha, Expert, EFY Labs
• B Vasu Dev, Managing Director, PHYTEC Embedded
• Badri Krishnan KN, Group Prod. Mgr, Rently Software Dev.
• Balaji D Loganathan, Founder, SeeWise.AI
• Bharath, Competency Development Lead, LTTS
• Bharath Sridhar, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Germany
• Bhaskar Rao, Founder, Technosphere Labs CEO, Technosphere.
• Biju Nair, Founding Partner Legalitech, Open Invention Network, LOT Network, Mentor German Accelerator
• Brahm Prakash, Sr. Tech. Lead, Mercedes-Benz R&D India
• Chandrashekhar Reddy C, Founder, Vaisara Innovations
• Chitra Hariharan, VC Technology Advisor & Secretary VLSI Society of India
• Christophe Bureau, co-Founder and CEO, #dot:dot
• David Bergman, VP International Relations, IPC
• Deepraj Prabhakar Patkar, Director – Voice Intelligence and Multi Device Experiences, Samsung R&D Institute
• Deva P. Seetharam Technology Advisor Kailash Consulting
• Dhruv Dhody, Principal Engineer, Huawei-India.
• Dr AT Kishore, Director, DDPA at Dhanwantari Group of Institutions at NITI Aayog
• Dr. Adarsh Kodhanda, Founder & CEO, Aigen Labs LLP
• Dr. Amol R. Madane, Deputy GM, Tata Motors
• Dr. Andy Mackie, Principal Er. for Advanced Materials, Indium
• Dr. Dipak S. Gade, Global Head – IoT and Manufacturing Operations Management practice, Cyient India Limited
• DR. Hon Wong, Siemens Digital Industries Software, S’pore
• Dr. Prasant Misra – Senior Scientist, TCS
• Dr. Satya Gupta, President, VLSI Society of India (VSI) & Member, CII National Committee on Electronics Mfg, CII
• Dr. Vamsi Mohan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Huber
• Frank Demesmaeker Sr. Business Development Manager Siemens Digital Industries SW, Leuven, Belgium
• Gaurab Patra, Founder, Intelekt AI
• Harshil Soni, Sr. engineer, SLS
• Kalpesh Gajera Director Aartronix Innovations Pvt Ltd
• Kiran Poojary, Chief Technology Officer, Simple Energy
• Krishnamurthy Rajesh, Director – Information Technology(Global), GreyOrange
• Kunal Ghosh, Director, VLSI SYSTEM DESIGN
• Maharajan Veerabahu, co-founder and VP of Product Development Services, e-con Systems
• Manoj Menghrajani, Director, Electromagnetic Solutions, India & GCC Markets, Altair
• Michel Van Cotthem, VP Sales EMEA/APAC & Corporate synergies – Siemens

• Narang N Kishor, Mentor & Principal Design Architect, Narnix Technolabs Pvt. ltd.
• Naresh Neelakantan Head of Cybersecurity and Automation Glownexus
• Naveen Gopalakrishna, CTO, Bharat Pi
• Neel Gala, Co-Founder & CTO, InCore Semiconductors
• Nikhil Maheshwari, Vice President, Hindware Home Innovation Limited
• Padala Raveendra Reddy, Software Senior Principal Engineer, Dell Technologies
• Pallav Aggarwal, Founder & Director, CAPUF Embedded Private Limited
• Panduranga Rohith Dacharla, Co founder, PAROVA Drone Technologies
• Pesala Geetha Sai Lakshmi, IoT senior hardware design engineer, Creative synergies
• Prasenjit Das, VP Engineering, Niral Networks
• Puneeth, Security Analyst at Deep Armor.
• Rahul Shah, Founder, CEO, Dignifiedme Technologies
• Rahul U, Security Analyst, Deep Armor
• Rathinasamy K S Co-Founder & Director, Enthu Technology Solutions
• Renju C Nair, Principal Engineer and Head, Connected Knox Group, On Device AI Team, Samsung R&D Institute
• Rijin John, CEO – Maker Village, CoE IIoT Sensors
• Rushabh Champaneri, Founder & MD, IOTTIVE
• Ryan Chan, Global VP of Solutions Consulting, Supplyframe
• Sadaf A Siddiqui, General Manager, Industry Marketing, Keysight Technologies
• Sanjeev Keskar, Chief Executive Officer, Arvind Consultancy
• Satish Kulkarni, CEO, Invendis
• Saurabh Mishra, Software Engineer, Humantech Solutions India
• Shinto Joseph, Director – South East Asia Operations, LDRA India
• Shree Kumar, Senior Systems Architect, Innominds
• Sreevatsa D B, Senior Director and Head of OnDevice AI Team, Samsung R&D
• Subrata Patra, Managing Partner, IdeaCapital Ventures
• Sudipta Saha, MD, Industry X, Accenture
• Sundara Nagarajan, Managing Director, Innovation Scaleup Advisors Private Limited
• Tarandeep Singh, Software Engineer, Salesforce
• Thaneshwar Singh, Founding Partner, Be An Angel & Ientra
• Uday Shankarnarayan V, Sr. Solution Architect-HW, R&D, Hardware., West Pharmaceuticals
• V.P.Sampath, Founder, Bharath Semiconductor Society
• Venkat Kamesh Co founder Parova
• Venkat Sunkara, Founder & CEO, ChipEdge Technologies
• VIJAY BOLLOJU, Founder, GyanTrek Freelance Network
• Vimal Kumar R N, Sr Hardware Engineer, Quin Design
• Vinod Vasudevan, CRO, Airoi
• Virendra Kumar Chaudhary, Senior Solution Architect, WESCO Distribution
• Vishnukumar V, Chief Officer – Embedded Systems & IoT, V-Guard Industries Ltd.
• Vishweshwar Hegde, Managing Director, EtherSys
• Vivek Dhawan, Director of Operations and National & International Associations, Omega Seiki Mobility
• Vivek Saxena, Former Senior Advisor (ESDM , Startups & Innovation) – Karnataka Digital Economy Mission

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