Profit from IOT

India’s IOT Eco-system: Partner or Perish

IOT is a game that the best partnerships will win. It’s not one that can be played by any player alone. But, why is there a need for partnerships? What are types of partnerships possible? How to partner with a customer? How to partner with an investor? What are the challenges? What are the best practices? What are the platforms to connect with like-minded partners?

To answer these questions and become a platform for like-minded partners—Electronics For You team has put together this summit titled ‘India’s IOT eco-system: Partner or Perish’.

Date: 27th Feb

Time: 11 am to 4 pm

Venue: Kalam ITC Hotel, Whitefield (Next to KTPO Convention Centre, Whitefield)

Who Should Attend?

  • Enablers of IOT Solutions
  • Creators of IOT Solutions
  • Integrators of IOT Solutions

Why Should They Attend?

  • Discover Growth Opportunities
  • Discover Partnership Opportunities
  • Discover Investment Opportunities
  • Connect with Ready-to-partner peers amongst Enablers, Creators and Integrators


Industry Experts Speak

Listen to a panel of un-biased experts from leading consulting firms on how the industry is shaping up, how partnerships are playing an important role, how customers’ expectations are driving the industry, and how investors are selecting their investments, etc.

Customers Speak

Listen to a panel of large customers who’ll share the solutions they seek, the challenges they are facing with the current eco-system, their idea of an ideal solution-provider, and more.

Solution Providers Speak

Listen to a panel of large solution providers who are seeking partnerships with ISVs and OEMs focused on specific categories of IOT solutions—why are they seeking partners, what kind of partners are they seeking, what’s in it for the partners, what’s in it for them, etc.

Investors Speak

Listen to a panel of investors (VCs, angel, PE, et al) who are seeking IOT firms to invest in—what’re the type of solutions they are wanting to invest in, what’s the idea of an ideal firm to be invested in, pros and cons of being an IOT firm, and more.


Our experience has been really good

Overall, our experience has been really good. We have got a good location for our booth. Plus, as per my estimates, 85% of the visitors are amongst our target audience. We got to connect with start-ups, developers and system integrators. A lot of crowd got attracted by Application Demos placed on our booth. We would definitely like to participate in 2019 too!

Ms. Saswati Ray, Mouser Electronics

This year has been exceptional

We participate at IEW every year and every year the response has been good for us. This year has been exceptional. We experienced a good turn-out on the first two days and today too, the crowd seems to be good. Lot of people have been visiting our booth. The response has certainly been good for us. We wish to participate again n the coming editions of this expo.

Mr. Ajay S, Element 14

We are really happy to be here 

We are from Poland. We are distributors of Electronics Components. We are really happy to be here. We appreciate that this event gave us a great chance to meet Indian customers and trade channel partners and build new relations. We are more than happy that we exhibited here.

Ms. Marta Sobieraj, Transfer Multisort Electonik,TME

We have generated a lot of leads

This is our first exhibition in India ever. Our objective was to meet Indian product engineers and component engineers. This has been a very successful exhibition where we have generated a lot of leads. In fact, they are double the number that we used to get in UK. So we are very excited about the opportunities that we have found by being at this exhibition.

Mr. Paul Hooper, Anders DX

We are happy to be here at and IEW 2019

We are happy to be here at and IEW 2019. I would  say the result has been better than what we expected. More than 400 to 500 start-ups visited our booth. We got a good opportunity to engage with them, and they got to experience our solutions. I believe this event has initiated a long term relationship with these IOT and electronics start-ups.

Mr. Vishal Goyal ( ST Microelectronics India)