IEW: An Event That’s Attended By Electronics Design and R&D Professionals

Has selling electronics components become more complex than it used to be?Earlier, all your team had to deal with—were the purchase managers. But, now many component suppliers are engaging with design and R&D teams to ensure ‘design wins’—to increase their chances of being the preferred supplier.

Are you following that strategy too? If yes, is it easy to get connected with these design and R&D teams? Does penetration of each new R&D team not involve considerable patience, time, energy and money?

How valuable would a platform be–where could you get to meet this unique breed of professionals?

Want to know more about such a platform where your team can have face-to-face engagements with such design teams?

Electronics For You team has managed to create such a platform after years of investment, and trial and errors. This platform is our annual event–India Electronics Week (IEW).

Here’s why IEW is India’s only mega event where you can hope to engage with thousands of design and R&D professionals over a three day period…

  • What makes IEW unique is that it’s actually a very large tech conference that looks like a B2B expo.
  • The tech conference is the main reason why this unique audience of design and R&D personnel happen to attend a B2B event.
  • Last year, IEW played host to 3,000-plus conference delegates! The rest of them came for the expo.
  • Overall, 45% of IEW’s audience were electronics or IT-related R&D or design professionals.
  • In addition to the tech Conference, IEW hosts many tech workshops, forums, and other engaging activities to ensure that this unique audience that does not typically visit any other B2B expo, visits IEW.
  • Plus, IEW is co-located with India’s #1 IOT event— IOT is the hottest technology in town which is enabling development of innovative products—by established players as well as startups.
  • is the only show in India that’s designed for the Creators & Integrators of IOT solutions—and these organisations are powered by some of the best R&D and design professionals.
  • IEW is organised at Bengaluru—India’s ‘Tech R&D’ city.
  • IEW’s venue was shifted to Whitefield, because that’s one of Bengaluru’s R&D hub with 200,000 techies working within a 10 km radius.

All these strategic decisions are in line with EFY’s commitment towards creating an event that motivates and accelerates new product development so that OEMs in India can compete globally by making existing products smarter and developing new (smarter) products. (we apologise for the use of multiple colours in this statement but we wanted to ensure that each important phrase stood out)

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DISCLAIMER: EFY values your trust more than your business. Hence we openly advice that if your sales model is based only on connecting with business decision makers (purchase managers, etc)—then IEW will not be right platform for you.

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