India Electronics Week has moved to a new venue – KTPO Trade Centre, Whitefield, Bengaluru

The first and most obvious question – why?
We understand that BIEC is a great venue with all required facilities and probably, better than any other venue in Bangalore. But the biggest and the most important thing it lacks is, accessibility.

Our internal survey of expo visitors as well as a select group of exhibitors revealed that traveling to BIEC was always a task. Attending the event at BIEC would mean a traveling time to- and from the venue back to the city of at least 4 hours. And that’s why a lot of people relevant to our exhibitors might not be attending the show at all.

Enters KTPO.
A venue right in the heart of the technology hub of the city – Whitefield. KTPO offers a unique opportunity to our exhibitors as the technical & business audience that they want to meet, a sizeable percentage works in offices surrounding the venue. Some of the unique advantages that KTPO offers are:

  • Nearer to the city centre than BIEC: So time to commute to the show gets reduced
  • Repeat visits from interested visitors: Visitors can make plans to make multiple visit to the show
  • Major R&D and Design Centres in Vicinity: Be it PSUs like HAL, ISRO or MNCs like GE, Tata etc. all of them have major offices and development centres near KTPO
  • Major concentration of techie audience near the venue: Owing to the presence of major corporates, there’s a large concentration of design engineers & technical decision-makers in and around Whitefield. Therefore, there is a great chance of quality techies visiting the show
  • Corporate hubs and industrial areas in the vicinity: That makes the event ideally suited for the presence of business decision makers as well