Reasons to attend

Much More Than an Expo: IEW hosts multiple tech conferences, seminars and workshops that together create immense value for technical decision makers and influencers to treat IEW as a “must visit” event.

Electronics For You’s Readers: Our flagship magazine is known as the Techies’ magazine.Techies are our primary audience. They connect with the brand, and like to visit the event its team produces.

Electronics Bazaar’s Readers: Our monthly B2B magazine for the electronics industry, Electronics Bazaar, is read by the business decision makers from the tech industry.

Cutting Edge Topics: IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Lighting, Industry 4.0, Embedded Systems, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printers –are topics that form themes of various events happening at IEW.

Conferences: We conduct multiple technology as well as business conferences across 3 days at IEW. These conferences drive attendance of senior leadership and their key team members at IEW.

Speakers: Close to 200 experts from India and across the Globe speak at tech conferences at IEW. These experts form a major attraction for techies to visit IEW.

Tech Workshops: Workshops are a major attraction for techies at IEW. And, IEW hosts multiple workshops in parallel.

Attractive synergies for visitors: With 5 shows co-located at India Electronics Week, it creates attractive synergies and added value for visitors. It gives you an opportunity to gain insights not only into your own expertise are but also into the latest technologies and applications in all electronics as well as IT industry.