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13th to 15th February, 2020


Meet the Latest in Embedded!

See, play and experience cutting-edge electronics and embedded system developments, components, tools and equipment at our expo, while hearing from semiconductor and electronics design experts.The latest in embedded is here, at EmbedExpo.

Why Attend?

  • Speed: Learn how to quickly design, prototype and test embedded products.
  • Exhibitions & Demos: Discover new tools, technologies, equipment and service providers that can turbocharge your engineering team and business forward.
  • Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Tech Talks, Tutorials & Workshops: Broaden your skill set by learning new technologies and approaches, or dive deeper into tools you know to discover unknown techniques.
  • Speakers, Trainers & High Profile Delegates: We bring together expert engineers and top execs from diverse backgrounds but unite by their flair for designing impressive embedded systems.
  • Blow off Steam: The conference will take place at the KTPO Trade Centre in the vibrant neighbourhood of Whitefield, where some of Bengaluru’s best nightlife, shopping and dining destinations are just a short ride away.

Who Should Visit?

Design engineers and embedded system engineers working on all sorts of electronics and embedded systems, from OEMs, design houses, R&D centres as well as academic faculty. Visitors also include established industry leaders with researchers, scholars, designers, and techies from around the globe.

Who Should Exhibit?

Companies who have a product or solution that will help design engineers and embedded system engineers to design, prototype, test or develop better embedded systems should exhibit here. Vendors of microcontrollers, sensors, RF, power, motor-control, secure MCUs, and other embedded solutions exhibit here regularly.



  • Components
  • Modules
  • M2M/Connectivity
  • Electronic displays
  • Hardware devices and modules for secure embedded systems
  • Embedded Vision
  • Systems for various applications


  • Hardware
  • Software

System Software

  • BIOS
  • Operating systems
  • Runtime environments
  • Software libraries
  • Middleware
  • Visualisation
  • Software for Embedded Vision
  • Internet browsers
  • Communication software
  • Remote device management software
  • Embedded Software for Data security
  • Software, algorithms and OS for secure embedded systems
  • Firewall systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Other application software


  • System development
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Certification and approval
  • Threat assessment and vulnerability analysis
  • Embedded security architectures
  • Network operators
  • Cloud services
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Trade media and communication services
  • Books
  • Other services